Loss of awareness

Is it a parkinsons thing to lose sense of awareness. My husband is 85, diagnosed 6 years ago. He is coping quite well, manages to look after himself but is very slow. He doesn't seem awarebif things happening around him. Walks with head down and never notices anything unless I draw attention to it, or doesn't notice things I'm doing in the house etc. He puts everything down to his age.

I believe it does, I hope it does or something else is wrong with me!  I just turned 72 and my husband has PD too and he is worse at this than I am, maybe it is a man thing.  I walk with my head down because I want to see where I am placing my feet and if anything is in my way.  I do this more than my husband does; I miss a lot of people and happenings but I'm not slipping/falling either!  Hope this helps.