Loss of sense of taste

Hello everyone

One of my dad's symptoms that upsets me the most, not because it is the most severe, but because I feel it adds insult to injury, is his loss of taste.

So he can't even enjoy a bloody meal now can he, you horrible disease?

Does anyone else suffer from this and are there any particular foods that better than others? I would love some ideas of food I can give him that he might be able to enjoy.



I find if I make the meals stronger/tastier eg. something like chilli sauce etc my husband enjoys his food more .

He might also be having trouble with his swallow and actually feeding himself .

Make sure where neccessary to either cut up meat or mash . I make sure that the plate doesn't slide . Don't use a completely flat plate a raised surround helps to keep the food on the plate and I find that if I raise the back of the plate just slip something underneath the back , my husbad manages to feed himself more easily .

Sometimes it's the actual effort that can become a problem , the struggle can be tiring and so it is not enjoyed ..

Halle71 if you go to the thread

TASTE AND PARKINSONS, raised by Andy Notts on 18/09/10 @ 00:07. This should tell you all you want know.

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