Loss of Smell 'survey' ha

From symptom onset, do you mostly find:

A) That your sense of smell isn't as potent

B) That your sense of smell is completely gone

C) That you just can't smell certain things? IF SO- what are those things you can't smell?




Hi Hughes,

A) but not that much. 

Mind you it was never that good - destroyed by living with twenty others smoking and breaking wind in the confines of a RAF billet, sixty years ago.



Hmm.. that's the kind of detail we could have done without :) ha ha ha


I think my sense of smell was a distant memory by the time other symptoms made themselves known. If I'd thought to research it at the time I would have started thinking about Parkinson's much earlier.


C should read "there are certain things I CAN smell". My sense of smell has mostly gone although I can still smell some sweet fragrances.

The loss does have some benefits such as when cleaning up after the dog  and strangely I hardly ever cry when peeling onions!


Thanks y'all. The reason I asked is primarily because I'm finding that certain odours are there but much less potent compared to what they used to be- they're now vague rather than overpowering. 

None of the above.

I was diagnosed sixteen years ago and I am still happy with my sense of smell.


Peter, that's interesting. How have your symptoms progressed? 

My symptoms have progressed slowly.  In the PD scheme of things, comparing my predicament with that of some other members of this forum, I consider myself lucky.  My problems are mostly to do with movement and muscle stiffness.


I sent back 3 bottles of perfume to various companies complaining that they had obviously changed their recipes! as each one smelt awful to me. This was before DX in 2013, meds have helped a bit although it has never returned to normal. So many other symptoms leading up to dx which were noticable for at least 4 years!

Dollymaz, me too. I started seeing the doctor about sleep/anxiety/sweating in 2011! As recently as last August I was told I have 'nothing to worry about'. Sigh...


my dad cant smell anything at all - B


I thought it was due to the side effects of blood pressure tablets that my sense of smell and taste became less sensitive, I even consulted my GP, but she could not give me an explanation. It was when I was DX and read about the signs of PD that it all came to light. It's odd also that I get smells waft through that my husband can't smell !


Losing my sense of smell was the first early symptom of Parkinson's but I had no idea at the time - about 10yrs ago! I only suspected Parkinson's 9 months ago after connecting lots of vague symptoms.

I can smell some 'pleasant' smells such as perfume but no bad smells at all. This has come in handy and made me no.1 choice for changing grandchildren's nappies, but I am always worrying in case my house smells or even that I smell. This causes me to overdo the air fresheners and perfumes

B......My wife lost her sense of smell 20 years ago. She started with some symptoms about 2011, before being diagnosed in October 2013.

I lost my taste and smell completely and it was after investigations into that which then led onto the parkinsons road. Would love to be able to taste or smell again but not sure it will happen.

(B) sense of smell completely gone. Lost it about 15 years ago.  My friends say my cooking is great!  I don't know how but somehow I imagine the taste and smell

Do you find that you often forget that you cannot smell things as well or certain smells at all and only when others mention it do you take notice

The other day standing with one of my daughters school friends parents who said, “that bacon smell fantastic” at that point I thought “what bacon smell, god I love that smell, where’s it gone, taking the deepest sniff possible”

I then asked “is it strong the smell”, the reply was “oh yes”. Bugger I thought.

That was Friday and fast forward to today and my eldest has just turned 14 today and my wife bought him a scratch and sniff game for us to play today. I was so rubbish, I got some sent, but not enough to identify them with the exception of peppermint which I thought smelt like a polo mint

My wife and son were almost vomiting at some of the smells they were that strong. At least it looks like I dodged one there then

After the game, I asked my wife if she still wears her perfume which I expect the answer to be yes, but I’ve noticed I haven’t smelt that for quite a long time too

Are well, you win some, you loose some

My sense of smell is as strong as ever. Interestingly, though, chocolate makes me feel sick. I used to love it , but most of my Christmas choccies are still in the fridge.