Loss of voice

I have been diagnosed 1year now just been to see the neurologist at the hospital for the first time since being diagnosed a year ago. I forgot to ask the Dr about my speech which is gets quieter as the day goes on. I start the day loud and clear by dinner I am very quiet just about hear what I say. By late afternoon the volume of my voice has gone not able to speak more than a quiet whisper. Does any one else suffer this problem and is there any link to tablets I take.

Any suggestions



I would suggest going back to Neurologist to see if this is a side effect of any medication you are on. I would also ask GP to refer you to a speech and language therapist. In order for us to talk, the muscles all the way down need to work correctly and in sequence. Exercises in this regard may help.

I have always been a loud person and feel like I am getting quieter. Does not get worse as the day progresses though I don’t think. Definitely worth seeing a speech and language therapist. Also occasionally get drinks (not food though) stuck

Hi Lippy

I will mention it next week when I see my GP, thanks for the reply


Hi Jay

I will speak to my GP when I see him next week. I two was a very loud person with a lot to say? Maybe it’s not all bad for others if I am getting quieter now!
As for drinking and eating I am becoming a very messy eater thinking my mouth has moved. Wife says I need a bib just like the grandchildren do.

Thanks for replying


Hi Dave and others
I too have voice problems, I have seen the SALT very helpful, I try to do my exercises every day, I also have eating and drinking problems. I have been advised to eat a soft diet…… take’s all the fun out of eating lol, better than choking all the time though.
I don’t have any magic answers, just wanted to say that I’m you’re not alone!
Take care all
Little nanny

Hi Littlenanny

Thanks for the reply must see the speech therapist to sort it out? Always amazed how many people on the website have the same problem you and me have. The advice is invaluable from lots of different angles to every problem you post.



@Davesan So sorry to hear about your condition. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago (just before all the lockdowns) and until then I used to do a normal day job and moonlight as a solo musician in the evenings. With the lockdown for so many months I did not spend much time playing and singing that when I started to do it getting ready for post lockdown period I found that i could not project and modulate my vocals any longer, even speaking to people at home I have to repeat what I am saying. I found this vocal exercise very helpful. (1) Adult Speech and Language Therapy- Vocal Function Exercises - YouTube

I am not sure if posting links is permitted. Admin please delete if it is not acceptable.

Hi Lenski

Thanks for your reply it’s interesting how many people are having problems with their speech. Good to know it’s not just me and again how good the PD uk website is so helpful getting first class information from others going through the same problem. Sa you say it’s getting very frustrating having to repeat my self time and time again. I’m deaf in my left ear and have an hearing aid, so should be used to missing conversations but now I have to repeat myself.
I will look on YouTube for the speech lessons and give it a try.

Thanks for your information


My boyfriend, the pwp, had a speech therapy course using what I think is called the Sarah Silverman method, specifically for pwp.
I believe he was referred from the Parkinson’s clinic.
This was followed up by 6-monthly group meetings to see other participants and assess their speech.
He told me he was not the only one who did not continue with the exercises. It’s embarrassing to practice.
After COVID the follow up is online and he hasn’t managed that.
I had begged him for years to seek help

And was infuriated that he did not maiiiintain the practice.
Of course the disease has progressed since then anyhow. He’s about 95% incomprehensible. He makes more effort with other people but I usually have to translate
I think that as he could still hear himself he was unable to believe there was/is a problem. Even when we attended a talk where they described the effects of insurability eh practically sitting on his knee to try and hear.

I beg you to believe that it is a problem and to seek help and try to maintain your speech. I think of my B/f inability to do so as “Parkinson’s induced selfishness”