Loss of weight and diet

Hubby 6ft weights 58kl never feels hungry very little sense of smell or taste, the advise given for weight gain is contrary to getting rid of Candida, it is in his oesophagus, he takes Sinimet and two other drugs for alzheimers also has very low BP on standing still, any one else out there found an answer
I am not sure what you mean when you say it is his throat. Do you mean he has had candida diagnosed in his throat.?
Things must be very difficult for you and you must feel worried and perhaps a little helpless. Have you had support from the neurologist and your Parkinson's nurse?
Thank you for replying, yes that is what was said after he had an endicopy examination, apart from Diflucan being given no other advice was offered.

As far as I am aware here in Spain they do not have Parkinson nurses and he has not seen a neurologist for a year (the system slipped)but we do see one mid Nov, I am trying to find one who specialises in PD.

While I am not anxious as what will happen will but I would like to know more about just what to expect and what I will need to do in the future.