A few hours ago, I lost my lovely Dad aged 93yrs. He was the kindest, caring, gentle man that anyone could wish to meet. He didn't have Parkinson's, but I do. When I was diagnosed just over 3yrs. ago, I decide NOT to tell him about my condition and managed to keep it a secret all this time. Other family members knew, but my poor Dad would have been so upset to find out. Everyone said I should tell him, but it just seemed too cruel. He lived alone in Goathland, near Whitby and I travelled to see him every week, until my driving licence was wrongly taken away from me by the DVLA, (I now have it back for 3yrs.). As a result I was unable to visit him as regularly as before, when he needed me most. I implore all people with Parkinson's, to make sure that their condition and conversations with their neurologist and PD nurse, are recorded correctly. Mine weren't, hence the loss of my driving licence. It is imperative that we are listened to properly during appointments and get a professional, accurate report, without opinions and implications. Otherwise, all confidence and trust are lost.

Twinks :((



Feeling for yu at this time. You were obviously a loving, caring daughter and your Dad sounds wonderful. Sending my sympathy and hugs.



Thank you Porthos.


My condolences Twinks. Its a tough decision on whether to inform family and friends about PD dx. In this case I think you made the right call.


Hi Twinks,

So sorry for your loss.

93 is a fantastic age, though, and I'll bet your dad had a great life! He sounds like a lovely person.

For what it's worth, I think you were right not to tell him. It couldn't possibly have done either you or him any good. We should always do what we feel is right, which isn't necessarily what others agree with - but they're not the ones with PD.


Hi Twinks, 

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. You've been so brave to share with us your experiences of living with the condition and it sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your father.

We're all thinking of you at this sad time. 



Thank you all for your comments......much appreciated.   x