Lost a good friend

I lost a good friend yesterday , he had Parkinsons and suffered badly in his
last days, PD showed no mercy to this Gentle Intelligent man, I knew my Friend
for 33yrs , by nature he was kind generous I never heard him raise his voice,
never ever heard him swear ,he loved to walk the short distance from his home
to his allotment and it was while walking home five months he had a bad fall
I wont go into details, but his walking ability was retarded by PD ,his once
strident style reduced to the shuffling stooped painful very unstable gait so
typical of those afflicted by this savage cruel disease , he never managed to
recover from the trauma of that day and now I am sad and feel anger, anger with
a venomous hatred of the unseen enemy , it caused his death of that there is no
doubt it will be responsible for many more before its evil curse is lifted from
mankind, please take care my Friends, my loss is hard to bear.
my sincere and heart-felt condolences.
they say that parky doesn't kill you.
jumping off a cliff doesn't either.
it's the landing at the bottom that's the problem.
he sounds a really splendid person.

once again, my condolences.
we must carry on regardless.

all the best
Good Morning Turnip
Your condolences are welcomed ,thankyou, my Friend was a good man
nothing was too much trouble he would help anyone, it hurts as it is almost 1yr
since my Dad passed away ,no one can hurt them now
So sorry for your sad loss
Thankyou samdog, It seems the grim reaper has not yet satisfied his lust, two
more of my rapidly contracting list of friends died yesterday one poor chap has suffered terribly with Arthritic pains for 55yrs, ,what makes it worse for me is
he was a stunning spin bowler,we were both very keen cricketers Rick was a brilliant
all rounder while I concentrated on bowling at light speed, we had such fun, I would
intimidate batsmen with a 80mph full toss then Rick would take two paces, send the
ball at 12mph when it contacted the earth it could spin off in any direction the
bamboozled batsman just could not handle the two pronged attack , our best result
was 37 all out, and that was one of the best school teams in Northumberland OH
WHAT FUN WE HAD (Madness) sorry Im off again , oh I should mention I knocked
a tooth out of a young man who went on to play for ARSENAL LIVERPOOL I cant remember
the other club Happy Times eh samdog, I am going to keep my head down . Three in two
days Regards Fed:cry:
That s very hard but glad you will have such happy memories