Lost piles

No not money.
Apologies to anyone who is eating.
I have suffered for 35-40 years with painful piles
I have had the lot done and given up.
Since taking pd medicines they have vanished .Gone completely.

Hi Hubby, something good has come out of having PD then? think I will give my hubby some of my meds cos he’s had the same problem as long as you! Bet it’s a relief!!


Like saying goodbye to old friends.:imp::imp:

Hi Hubby,
Can’t really comment on the piles,have been lucky in that dept.But will say this.Before diagnosis,among a myriad of other problems i had,was an excruciating anal pain,which would come"out of the Blue),like being skewered,leaving me writhing in agony,on a few occasions,hospitalized.Once on the pd meds,like a miracle cure,like many other problems.
PD meds are like a miracle.Until the ultimate cure,we all all hope for.
Take care

Yes Titan.
I have had that exact same feeling pre Parkinson’s. Often at night.
It has gone with the farmer Giles :joy: