Lost Socks

Only One Sock

You never buy just one of them, you always buy a pair,
But on putting them in a washing machine you really must take care.
For like the animals joining Noah they go in two by two,
But why one always leaves alone, I just don’t have a clue.

I am happier since I found out, that this problem is not only mine,
My friends also hang out single socks upon the washing line,
We all lovingly keep the lonely ones safe and sound in a drawer,
On the off chance the wanderer returns and they can be a pair once more.

But as this rarely happens I think it would be good to list,
What you can do with a lonesome sock.......you will soon get the gist.
I hear you shouting, “What’s the point? stick it in the bin,”
But wouldn’t you like a sock puppet complete with cheesy grin?

Wearing a sock on your hand, I think that you will find,
Prevents nasty, very painful cuts when cleaning venetian blinds.
No need for a duster, you have on you, the perfect cleaning mitt,
There won’t be any need at all to fetch plasters from the first aid kit.

When you drop a contact lens, it is amazing how far it goes,
But help is at hand in the form of a sock, over the end of the vacuum hose.
Switch on the suction, go cleaning then check,
You should see your lens stuck to the sock, you’ve found it in a sec.

When packing Christmas ornaments for another year in the box,
Preventing them from breaking is a great use for odd socks.
For if they are wrapped up carefully, there won’t be any danger,
Of Baby Jesus needing superglued before sleeping in the manger.

A sock can also be filled with dried beans or even peas,
If its heated in the microwave, many a pain it will ease.
Rest it on your shoulder, you elbow or your knee,
And hopefully very soon you will be ache free.

So next time you find a lonely sock in the drum of your washing machine,
And although you have checked everywhere,the other one can’t be seen,
In the great scheme of things, remember it could be so much worse,
So go off and find a use for it and then write another verse.
thanks silverlining - learned a lot from this! i'll never throw one out again! this positive approach might equally relate to one's PD?
Thanks for your comment.....hope if you have another use for an odd sock you will write a new verse. Take care.
My first time on the NE forum and just read the lost sock poem. Great!
Will certainly use some of them. Has no one come up with more ideaas, or are they there and I'm not using the forum correctly?
Thanks Bagpipes,no new verses yet, maybe you can write the first one.:grin: