My recent personal difficulties have once again surfaced, I have not spoken more than six words this entire day, I fear all is lost and It may be some time before you hear from me again as my world is collapsing, accelerated by depression
and PD becoming very hard to fight,I am exhausted and cannot see any hope in any direction,I do hope the picture I describe is reversible but I have been here once before and I see all the same terrifying omens.
Best wishes to all my friends fedex D
Hello fedexlike
I am sorry for your difficulties and depression. I hope things are not as bad as you fear. I have followed your previous posts and see that you went to somewhere special to you both and had a good talk after which things seemed to be better. My OH finds it difficult now to open conversations and I wonder if you are finding the same. Perhaps your OH is also finding it dificult and there you are, both silent and sad. Perhaps you could try to begin a chat about something you`ve both seen on tv? or maybe an outing again.
Do you get time away from each other so you have something to talk about afterwards? If not perhaps respite can be arranged to give you both a time to yourselves.
Please don`t despair, talk to your friends here, this is a very undertanding place.
All best wishes
Please carry on talking to us Fed, we may sometimes say clumsy or wrong things, but we all try to be here for each other, to be a friend in the bad times. None of us is alone.
Hi fedex
Mosie has it just about right. You must keep in contact with us. We may not always say the right thing but our intentions are well meant. I for one look forward to reading your comments on the forum. Anyway you must stay in contact with us because we are all interested in the continuing results of that latest treatment. Keep smiling buddy boy the sub will be shining again soon
hey...you said what you did because a bit of you wants to to stay in touch...listen to that bit of you....talk to us fedex!
Dear Fed

I haven't been on here for some time and am so sorry to hear of all the troubles you have been going through. You are so supportive to others and helped me with your very thoughtful and kind words in my recent troubles.

I see that you are logged on now and hope that you will take comfort from all the messages of support from your friends. Please keep reading even if you feel you can't post.

Love from your friend

Hi Fed, so sorry to hear your news. Not sure if tweaking your meds can help your situation.

You have posted before about positive things you have done to help improve your mood, so I have confidence in you. Meanwhile, hang in there, and we are here if you feel the need to vent.

Thinking of you.
Like so many others on this forum, I am thinking of you, Fed, and hoping the outlook gets brighter for you. I know how depression combined with physical illness can close off the view of anything in the future. It's an overwhelming and frightening thing to be trapped in the present with no vision of improvement. Just try to remember that hope IS there, even when you cannot see it. (At this time I'm trying to follow my own advice, too.)

Very best regards.
Hello Fed, please draw stength from your many friends on here, I hope you can hold our hands, flo
Oh Fed, please don't be sad, there are so many people care about you, including me, your very own Blue Angel.I think the world of you.If you are suffering from depression, can't your Pd doctor help? Can I help? Don't be sad sweetheart. I love you .

Lots of love, hugs and kisses Blue Angel x
Hi fed! Could your recent trouble be due to a side effect of the duodopa? Just because you think it doesn't make it true. Look after yourself

Take care

dr jonny