I was Married for 45-years, and lost my Wife on the 7 th of December, 2016 !! There was an Inquest on the 16 th of November, 2017 and I obviously attended to put forward my thoughts on what had happened to my Wife !! The reason I am telling this "True Life Story" is because I think that people like me, in a situation like that, should be given some allowance for having Parkinson's !! The Coroner obviously didn't see it that way, and was a bully, intimidating and did not allow me the time to get Justice for my Wife !!! I do not expect pity because I have Parkinson's, but I do expect some sort of Humanity !!

Hi Joshua

I'm really sorry about you've wife. You must be devastated. I can understand you wanting answers. I have no idea how inquests work but it does seem that many people do not know much about the true effects of PD. The freephone helpline on this site may have useful information for you.