Low blood pressure

My blood pressure has been getting lower, over the last few weeks, having blood tests next week but as anyone got any tips to raise it! Feel totally wiped out.
Thank you

Hi @Busyizzy54
Sorry to hear that your struggle with low blood pressure.
Generally the Parkinson’s medications can cause low bp. Increase the fluid intake if you doesn’t have any heart problems like heart failure etc. Needs to drink 1 to 1.5 litre by lunch time and aim for 2 to 2.5 litres per day. Also if you doesn’t have any problem with sodium levels , don’t restrict salt.
It would be worth to check is there any postural drop by checking lying and standing bp. If there is significant drop there is medication for that. Also avoid sudden change in posture and prolonged standing.
Hope this is helpful.
Take care

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Thank you so much for the advice I am not on any specific medication at the moment have my appointment later this month. I can be sitting down doing nothing and I will get lightheadedness :(. Tried to up salt & sugar intake as very low on both some days. My BP averages 85/6O. Sitting / Standing is increasing slightly. The only time is a big drop is when I have a high reading ( white coat syndrome!! ) laying down then it can drop on standing.

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Hi, my husband has naturally low b p and of course Parkinsons and the meds aggravate this. He goes through spells where it gets much worse :woman_shrugging: Nobody knows why. Our standard daily protocol is 0.25 fludrocortisone, 1 litre fluid by lunchtime + 1 more during the day. Compression stockings on ASAP after shower. Never eat standing, and no big heavy meals. I use salt in cooking and his nurse said a packet of crisps or a handful of peanuts a day is ok for him. The bed head is raised about 6 inches. He marches before rising to stand to get the blood pumping. Avoid sitting in the sun and be careful after exercise. we have a rise recline chair and if it’s really bad after lunch, like 50/39, I tip it so his head is low and feet raised.
Hope this helps. It’s a lot to remember I know but has become a way of life for us. Good luck!


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You’ve offered a lot of great advice and I’ve certainly learned a lot from what you’ve shared. I’m sure other members will find your comment helpful too! :blue_heart:

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Thank you, I have put on 0.5mg Fludrocortisone and advised to wear compression stockings for the next four weeks to see if any change to the blood pressure.
Seeing my consultant tomorrow so hoping to get some clarity on the future. Xx