Low blood pressure

:frowning: hi everybody

This is my first post on this forum and I am hoping for some advice and support. my 69 year old mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's 3 years ago after a few years of worsening tremor. She now has the following symptoms shoulder frozen although getting better with physio, difficulties swallowing and a low appetite, loss of loads of weight, usual symptoms such as the gait facial expression walk etc. The main reason I am on here is that she has low blood pressure which at the last specialist appointment was shown on a 24 hour monitor thing. it was not bothering her too much but she has nearly passed out at my sisters went white and had to be sat down when out shopping. she also has had two episodes, one where she panicked because she could not remember her surname bless, and then at mine a couple of weeks back when she suddenly panicked at using a knife and falk. she forgot for a brief moment how to do it but calmed and then was ok. do you think its blood pressure related? also got worse since the hot weather?

i am so worried about it all x

thanks in advance
I had an uncle who was diagnosed high blood pressure and medicated accordingly. In later years his blood pressure dropped and he became unwell, this worried him and he stopped going to GPs. The family had no idea about this until unfortunately he died.

Do not hesitate make an immediate appointment at your mum's GP
I suffer badly from low blood pressure (postural hypotension), in fact it was the first symptom I had when I started this PD skylark. I, and various consultants, have tried all sorts of medication, support stockings etc, and none of it gives anywhere near a complete solution. What I take at the moment, on top of the standard PD pills (Sinemet), are: pyridostigmine, copious drinks of water, extra salt in the diet, support stockings. I manage it, but it is very unpleasant at times, particularly in the mornings and late at night. In the early days I tried Fludrocortisone, but that made my pressure TOO HIGH first thing in the morning.
thanks guys. I have booked an appointment for her monday morning as she is not back from my sisters until sunday x we shall sort her out in the meantime i have told her to increase salt in diet and also drink more. its the food thing i think as she actually eats too healthy which is no good for PD as she has lost too much weight x

My partner has low blood pressure but it seems this is due to his medication. He has been in hospital since 13th May and is coming home this weekend, so I have bought a BP monitor. His tends to be low after his main lot of medication in the mornings. If it is low I have been told to lie him down with his feet raised above chest height for about an hour. This does tend to work and his BP comes back up, not a great reading as his seems to be on the low side anyway but always much improved. 

Your BP monitor will be useful. I took a reading on mine every couple of hours over several days and showed it to my Neuro. He used the profile to tailor my medication. The thing that makes mine dip the most is any sort of decent sized meal. On getting up from the table I feel really groggy - particularly if I have had a glass of wine with it.  I haven't got an answer to the problem, just small meals, lots of water, extra salt and pyridostigmine.



I have taking my husband BP regularly and it always keeps low , very low some days . On top of that his pulse rate even goes down to 36 . He also has atrial fibrillation . This is something it appears others who have Parkinson's suffer with.  He takes Sinemet and the neupro patch along with bisoprolol and a water pill


Hiya Johnnie,

My neuro has just put me on Fudrocortisone again. I'll let you know how it goes. As regards the atrial fibrillation, this should be checked out as a separate issue.