Low blood pressure

Good evening, I just wondered if anyone is taking fludrocortisone for low blood pressure.
My husband has just spent a week in hospital after yet another fall(roll) off the bed. As he cannot get himself up we have to call paramedics and more often than not he’s taken into hospital as infection is suspected. He’s been prescribed the above drug (I presume to raise his sodium levels.) I am a little concerned as I have read it’s a steroid. Any advice or suggestions from anyone using this would be most helpful. Thanks. Jean

My husband takes it and it has made a big difference in controlling his blood pressure.
He gets dizzy a lot but by checking his blood pressure,which is now much better we are thinking it may be either Parkinson’s or the Parkinson’s drugs causing the dizziness.

Good morning Suzieb, and thank you for your reply. I hope it works for my husband too as it could be low blood pressure that’s causing him to fall. If it reduces the times I have to call paramedics out to get him up it’ll be really worth it. May I ask if your husband has experienced falls due to his low BP? If only the tablets weren’t so tiny as they have to be cut in half. I’ll get a pill cutter as when I use a sharp knife they don’t break cleanly in half. Thanks again. Jean