Low dose naltrexone

Has anyone experience with low dose naltrexone? Info at www.lowdosenaltrexone.org

I'd be interested to see some discussion on this, as it seems quite promising!



Michael,  alias Karunapod,  said that he is on low dose Naltrexone. It would be interesting to know how he is getting on with it.

I intend to ask my GP for LDN, not just for my PD but for other auto-immune conditions (like hashimoto's and reactive arthritis), as well as ME and asthma. Why is there so little research on LDN? Seems really cheap at less than £1 per day, so no problem there. In fact, there could be a nett saving after taking into account potential dose-reductions in medications I am already taking.

I would be interested to see how you get on.

Do report back!



Will do, GG!

This week went to see my GP, who's agreeable to writing to the neurologist about starting me on a course of LDN. New research suggests PD may have an autoimmune basis, which would make LDN an even more promising treatment option. Apparently, LDN is the drug of choice in Finland and Norway for ME/CFS, as well as being recognised as an effective treatment for MS/HIV-AIDS. Here's a very interesting link:- http://www.fiikus.net/?ldn

Mum was diagnosed with PD in June. She was diagnosed with COPD 2 weeks later on 25th July.
Dad who was looking after her died 3 days later on 26th July. Dad died of COPD, but he had it for 30+ years.

Im just lost & know this is the wrong place to post this. HELP PLEASE!!!

Sorry to read of your loss, it must be devastating for you! Things that may help your mum:- the right medication (eg, in my case, rasagiline/Azilect), a local PD support group, regular exercise, daily organic raw virgin coconut oil, avocado, cinnamon, turmeric, omega-3 and (as I hope to discover soon) low-dose naltrexone (LDN).

Some time ago I was diagnosed with COPD, although I had never smoked, but later the doctors changed their minds and now I don't even have any asthma symptoms - all very mysterious! 

So don't - whatever you do - give up or lose your sense of humour. As a Christian most of my adult life, I was amused by a funny thought that came to me last night - that people with Parkinson's 'work out (in the sense of complete/see through to the finish) their salvation with fear and trembling'... would you believe a reference to my tremor in the Bible, Paul's letter to the Philippians ch2,v12? Well, I thought it was funny, anyway!

All the very best to you and your mum.