Low levels of vitamins and folate

Hi guys ,
I’ve recently had a blood test which show I’m low in vitamin b12 and low folate levels ,
Can I ask is anyone else has had this problem? I’ve been prescribed colcalcoferol to help .
But I’m finding my skin is getting bruised quite easily! As well as other , cc ywomen problems !
I’m ropinerole and co-benodopa and safi amide if that’s any help …

Hello Sue Mac,

A few years ago, I had very low levels of vitamin D for which I was prescribed colcalcoferol, Once my level was within acceptable range, I continued with over the counter D3 tablets. I also take a B complex vitamin to cover the B range.

I mention vitamin D because that is what colcalcoferol is normally used to treat. Here is an excerpt from the leaflet:

“Colecalciferol Capsules contain the active ingredient colecalciferol. Colecalciferol is a form of vitamin D used in the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency conditions. It may also be prescribed for certain bone conditions, such as thinning of the bone (osteoporosis) when it will be given to you with other medicines.”

Vitamin C deficiency can also lead to easy bruising. Your bruising may not be related to the B12 shortage.

I might be wrong here, but it might be good to check with your GP or pharmacist about the effectiveness of cholecalciferol for a B12 and folate deficiency. It does not make sense to me.

Take care and best wishes.

Thanks :pray:t2: I was gonna give my pd nurse a call anyway - but I know what a fountain of knowledge though you guys are !
The doctor did a general blood test on the behalf of my neurologist and that’s what the doctor prescribed me based on those results so I could be low on others as well I suppose ,

Hi @suemac. Several years ago I was diagnosed as having low B12 after a blood test and my doctor prescriped cyanocobalamin. After several months of taking this my levels came back up to normal and the prescription was discontinued. I was a bit concerned about this and my doctor agreed to give me another blood test in 3 months. This one showed that the levels had dropped considerably but not low enough to trigger another prescription. I started taking B12 tablets and have done so ever since which seem to keep the levels ok.

I also take a vitamin D3 supplement and my PD nurse recommended magnesium to alleviate night time muscle pain.

Thankyou x I will mention this to my pd nurse