Low Limb Parksonism and Small Vessel Disease (Dementia)


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am really looking for support/ confirmation of what I think is happening to my dad (72). Dad has recently received a letter from the consultant indicating an MRI scan supports the diagnosis of Lower Limb Parkinsonism and widespread Small Vessels Disease (significant number of people go on to develop dementia).

Currently he is incontinent, moody, aggressive, loses words “what is that word you are using” he can’t repeat the word. His movement is shuffling and he has had a series of falls. He has been taking Levodopa this seemed to have an initial improvement but this has worn off.

Contributing factors is he is diabetic, drinks has a poor diet and high blood pressure.

My questions are:

What do we need to do/say to the doctor to get a formal diagnosis? Do we need another scan? I am 99% sure on the parkinsons
Is what I have described just lower limb Parkinsonism or a combination of Dementia as well?
Are there any signs which are distinguishable which are dementia I should look out for?
Has anyone had a similar journey?

Thanks in advance