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Hello and Happy Saturday everyone. Does anyone have any tips on what to have for a low protein breakfast? Thanks

It depends on whether you want low protein or no protein. I have never avoided protein altogether, but if you want to do that, your best option is probably fruit. I have granola with plain yogurt and some dried fruit compote that I make myself, plus a glass of fruit juice and tea with skimmed milk.
Protein :
Granola: 5.2 grams
Yogurt 5.1 grams
Dried fruit 1.5 grams
Orange juice 1.00 gram
Skim milk 2.00 grams

Total: Under 15 grams, i.e. around the amount of protein in a single egg, or 60 grams of cheddar.

Thanks. I don’t know if I will every eat an entirely free protein breakfast. The aim is to try to prevent a high protein mean slowing down the effect of my Madopar. I think I read somewhere that bread is low in protein but have also read that it is high in protein. Some mornings I have toast and others I have had bran flakes with yoghurt and fruit.
Last week I experimented a bit - as soon as I was out of bed I took Lansoprazole followed by an apple (half an hour later) which I chased down with Madopar and Selegelin. About 20 - 30 minutes later I would have a breakfast which would not interrupt the absorption of the Madopar as it had a head start. Up until the breakfast I would drink 3 pints of water and, after breakfast, another pint. This worked very well for the absorption of the Madopar as I could eat whatever breakfast I chose regardless of protein content - but my stomach would not settle.
The reason for considering a low protein breakfast is that my left toes become stiff and curl under painfully (when I try to walk) until my meds kick in. I may well try applying Ibuprofen Gel after a message which I read earlier.

I don’t eat anything for an hour before taking Madopar, and half an hour after taking Madopar.

To avoid protein altogether you have to eat gluten-free because gluten is a protein.

What I do is go low protein during the day. After the breakfast I have described, I have a light lunch of houmous and pitta bread with salad, or vegetable soup and a roll, beans on toast, or sardines on toast, and I snack on fruit during the day.

I take my last Madopar at 7 p.m. I have my evening meal at 8.00, and that is my main protein meal of the day, with a portion of meat, fish or dairy.

I’ve been following this regime for the last 18 months, based on advice I was given at the European Parkinson’s Therapy Centre (brilliant place).

What I have found is that, for me, eating lightly during the day is as important as avoiding protein. If I have a heavy lunch, then the Madopar I take at 4 p.m. is probably not going to kick in when it should. Also, not all protein foods are equal: cheese seems to slow down the absorption of Madopar more than anything else. Like you, I drink a lot of water with my pills.

How long does your Madopar take to kick in during the morning?

Usually 45 minutes. It can be a lot longer. Very rarely, it is less than 45 mins, as little as 20, but I’ve never worked out why.

Have you discussed using Madopar dispersible with your consultant? I have Madopar dispersible 62.5, which I use if I need a quick hit of levodopa at a time when my regular Madopar has worn off. It isn’t instantaneous but it does take effect more quickly than Madopar hard capsules.

Alternatively you could take Madopar slow release capsules before you go to bed. I take one 125 slow release at bedtime. It helps me sleep and also means I’m not so worn off in the morning.

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I tried rubbing Ibuprofen Gel onto my left foot and toes and it certainly did the trick - I may well make that part of my daily routine. Thanks

good luck. try more blue berries

Fresh fruit salad, tinned tomato’s on toast, mushrooms on toast,Spagetti hoops on toast,1 egg done any style and a slice of toast.toast and marmalade/ jam,mushroom omelette,eggy bread,shredded wheat,

Not all together, I hope! :smiley:

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Not sure if this will be of any interest to you but my husband suffered severe off periods mid morning for about 5 years, then he swapped all the dairy products he had at breakfast for Soya products and the results were amazing. We discovered this quite by accident when Soya milk was on special offer at the supermarket and he decided to try it for a change. He is 77 and was diagnosed in 2011.

I’m a big fan of oatmeal in the morning, especially with a bit of almond butter or some fresh fruit or berries. It’s a great way to get some complex carbs and some healthy fats in the morning to keep you full and energized throughout the day. Another favorite of mine is a smoothie with some dry whole milk powder, chia seeds, and maybe some banana or avocado to add some creaminess - you can also add some hemp or pumpkin seeds for some extra protein if you like.