I am the carer of someone with pd and dementia, and they have been advised to get LPA. Have made an appointment with Solicitor but have just found Government Web site that says you can down load the forms and it is £160 pounds for each.....Financial Lpa and Health Lpa.... has anyone done this as it seems to be a lot cheaper than what the solicitor has quoted

I have no experience of the Lasting Power of Attorney (my husband and I have the old style Enduring Power of Attorney) but I would say it is difficult to give advice without knowing your particular circumstances, in particular how bad the cognitive impairment of your o/h is. Who advised you to get a LPA? Was it a professional who is involved with your o/h's care? If so would they be prepared to say that your o/h still has capacity to make the LPA? Who would your o/h appoint as their Attorney? If it is you, you need to protect yourself against potential accusations of influencing them.

It is possible to do these things yourself but a good solicitor who specialises in such matters would give your o/h independent advice and protect you.

Hope that helps.

As we age it is is advisable for everybody to have an LPA for finance and another one for health. It could save a lot of hassle. Without them, it would be the Court of Protection and Social Workers who have the 'power'. My husband had LPAs for both his parents and thank goodness he did. He could carry out their wishes, pay bills etc, without the inteference of the authorities at what are obviously going to be difficult times. Costs? Solicitors do charge circa £500 per LPA and this is what my husband did. I managed to navigate the system myself for my mum and saved a lot of money. The forms can be confusing though and if you make mistakes, stressful! I think I telephoned the government website number and they were sent in the post (saving on the down-loading). I think the charge (£160) occurs when the LPA is complete and actually lodged with the Courts. Sally.
Although solicitors are always costly don t you have the reassurance of watertight legal language? I know that was the case for my Mum s EPA and our wills.
BW. Samdog
We have just had LPA's compiled for both of us.Health and well being and financial affairs.

In hindsight, and with the assistance of the OPG helpline, I could have completed both LPA's myself.Just wanted them to be unchallenged when submitted so paid for all 4 to be done as well as new wills.

I have, as a trial run, registerd one LPA with the OPG at a cost of £130. I think that the application has been accepted as all attorneys have just received the letter which asks if they wish to challenge the application.

If this one comes through OK then I will rgeister the 3 others.

There is no cost at all for downloading the LPA forms. I have done this, and you can also phone and get them sent via snail mail. The only cost is registerng the forms, £130 each.

However,if the person you wish to have an LPA for is already suffering from dementia then it is too late to do this.Someone, an independent witness or medical person, has to confirm and sign that the person for whom the LPA is to be made is capable of knowing what they are entering into.

A few days ago all the attorneys for our first LPA, sent for registering, were sent letters asking if they objected, for any reason, to the application. The person already suffering from dementia, and known to be so by any one of the attorneys, could be such a case whereby the LPA would be considered to be too late an application.Then you are in the nightmare and expensive scenario of having the court of protection take over the said persons affairs.