Ls this Parkisons l Have

Excuse me if this is in the wrong place.lf so please may l have it transfered to the right forum.
My symtoms are rather confusing because of the diagnosis l was given by my doctor.He diagnosed me with anxiety disorder which l think is wrong because of the way l feel inside.

l tremble everyday,mainly my upper body.What l have to do is to tense myself up to stop the shaking of the shoulders,neck and head.My left arm and hand becomes rigid at times where l find it very difficult to write properly.While l am writing l have to hold my hand with my other hand to stop it from shaking.l also find very difficult to turn my head to the right,if l do,the shaking starts.l also suffer from paralysis while l am in bed.lnsomia is a common occurrence with me.
l fear going out to everyday places due to how l feel which is a fear of meeting people and in contact with people.So!,what l do is l have to go out,l have to have a drink or 2 to relax me.l have to point out here,l am fully aware of the dangers of consuming alcohol.But what choice l have when l have nothing there to help me to relax.l avergfe a bottle of whisky a week[l wouldn't say l am an alcoholic]l am crying out for help.

My doctor doesn't agree l need to see a neurorologist and appointed me to see alcoholic meetings to seek therapy.Even the therapists said l am not an alcoholic.l told them how l feel.l went to see another doctor because l am desperate to seek out what is wrong with me.And the new doctor was very arrogant with me where she was abrupt with me when l her about my shaking.She said it is the withdraw symtoms from the drink.l said itisn't.And when l was just about to explain to her of my feelings.She rudely interrupted me saying it is the drink causing you to shake.l just walked out feeling alone.l thought who can help me.This is why l joined this forum as a last resort.
l also need to tell you this.When l was a child of 13 years of age.l felt something in my head,like l was pocessed with a foreign change my behaviour towards life and my feelings became more inferior to people and life itself.l saw these symtoms in my Dad later on in life,when l saw his sister.l started to see a pattern here.He walked around stiff in the neck and sometimes when meeting people he started to shake.His sister was the same.l do have a feeling the natural chemicals in my brain are imbalance and causing these problems from what l inherited from my Dad.

Due to a severe truama l went through over a 8 year period abroad,the conditions l have has deterriated to the point where l fear life and shake all is definately worse then when my Dad had.
l need help please.

You seem to have met with some very difficult doctors. I'd try another one if thats possible. Even a local NHS walk in centre if you have one nearby.

You dont say if the ones you have seen have offered any treatment, no matter what it is you clearly need something, either meds or therapy.

No-one here can diagnose PD you really need to see a neurologist for that.

Check back here regularly for better informed advice.

l have been perscibe with many drugs to deal with anxiety and PDSD disorders.But all these drugs did not even make an once of improvement.
l did attend an assessment and found that it was more for alcoholics,which the interviewer said to me your condition differs from others here because of what l pointed out to her.

l did register with a different doctor which was the one that was arrogant to me.l really thought by having a different doctor would give me the chance to be diagnosed properly without any false judgement layed onto me.l went back to the previous doctor and reregistered with him,telling how sorry l am because l was seeking a second opinion.l think he gave up on me.

l am still waiting for a letter of approval from a phycologist fitting me in for an appointment.TRhat was a month ago and sometimes l beginning to think whether they are now taking me seriously.
What l want in life is to be diagnosed properly so l can cope with normal everyday things.l find life is a real challenge where most would not even contemplate it being an issue.l do,because l fear life and people

Wow, that's harsh. Pretty ridiculous that you'd have to lie about your drinking in order to get some serious attention for what you can obviously see as something else.

Just because you might drink, and just because you might have some anxiety issues doesn't mean that there isn't something else up as well.

My mum got a bit of that, she was told that she was depressed / anxiety issues for a year or so before people starting taking her seriously. She is depressed, she does have severe anxiety, but she knew something else was wrong. Turns out she does have alzheimers and parkinsons (yeah she hit the jackpot), she did have to keep on hammering at the dr's door in order to get noticed and to have someone do some further testing to get these diagnoses.

keep on going to see different dr's until you find one who listens to you. even if you have to omit or downplay the drinking details in order to get someone to do further testing. No harm in being throroughly examined. I don't see any harm in lying if it means you are going to get the tests you require.

i agree with the above comments and to keep pushing and pushing these doctors till you are totally took notice of,i no how frustrating this would be for you,the best thing would to see a neuroligist but the dr has to review you.i personally think there is quite alot of people out there that have pd and not been dx through gp errors,i do hope you dont have pd but i totally get it why you need to push through this if you dont agree with the dx you have been givern,after all like you said its your body and its only you who nows how you feel day after day.the other option is to go private but then it gets costy,it depends on your fiances,i do hope you get some were quickly and please do keep in touch with puk forum as we are intrested how you get on,and if it does turn out to be pd we are here to help with surport:smile:

Thanks for all your good advice.l will push it and go to the doctor again and persuade him to send me to a neurologist etc.

l sometimes think by his body language he has lost interest in me.This made me fell out on a limb to what l should do now.

l think l mentioned in my introduction posts,l am on income support[which l am not proud of,but feel ashamed]this has restricted my possibilities to get something going for me in self employed business.There is no way l can afford a basic tool,let alone machine l need to start a livelihood. goes smoothly for others,and for me is one big burden,every obstacle out there seems to confront me to stop me doing what l love to do in life.

My Parkinson's symptoms began with my left foot sort of twisting, a work colleague said it sounded as if I was wearing a flip-flop with the strap broken when I walked.Of course at that time I had not even been to a doctor about it because it wasn't that much of a problem.
It wasn't until I read one of those health topic pages in the daily Mirror, actually if I remember correctly it was my work colleague who showed it to me. It said some thing like, "Do you have a floppy foot". My colleague said. Look at this, you have a floppy foot. We read on, and it suggested if you had this symptom you should visit your doctor because it may be a trapped nerve, or some thing else which I can't remember or Parkinson's.
I didn't really think much about it. I did visit my GP and he carried out a few tests but was unable to find any problem other than to say ai had flat feet.
All the medicals I had gone through before that no one had ever said I had flat feet.
He sent me for x rays etc but nothing was found.
Over the next 6 months or so I found that my movements were getting slower. I decided it was because I was getting older
Another 3 months or so elapsed and I still didn't know what was wrong with me.I actually asked the doctor.."Have I got Parkinson's". He said, No it definitely is not Parkinson's.
I went to my local library ad looked up the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.There were several clues, one of them said you may find that you may trip over nothing at all, usually if you were in a department store with a shiny floor surface and you were wearing rubber soled shoes. That was a symptom I had which I never even thought was a symptom. But it was some rhing that did happen to me. I was also beginning to stoop.
It was nearly two years after my initial visit to a doctor that I finally went to see a Neurologist.
He looked at me and said, Walk up the corridor. I Took about 5 paces and he said ,"okay, come back". He took me into his office and said. "You have Parkinsons Disease"
I said, " But I asked my doctor that and he said it wasn't Parkinsons"
The consultant said, Well you were right and he was wrong.
From what I can see, and I have found there are quite a few doctors who are unable to diagnose parkinsons. And they will openly admit it. One of the problems being
there are a number of different symptoms to take into account.
My advice is. Keep on at them. Have a look in a medical book. They don't like that but you may have symptoms which you have not thought were symptoms.

Hello Sloworm, and welcome,

I can understand your frustration . As Chalong has pointed out, no-one on this forum can determine whether or not you have PD. It takes a neurologist and a DaT scan to diagnose PD and even then they sometimes get it wrong. Not, I think due to inefficiency or lack of care, but rather more to do with the difficulty of a definitive diagnosis.
Zeeb, whilst I appreciate your point, I do not see any advantage in telling less than the truth to any GP or Consultant. They will anyway have access to records from your previous GP/Consultant.
And to Kvell, after years of being variously diagnosed with Vertigo, Menieres disease,benign essential tremor and being told by my GP that I categorically did not have PD, I was eventually referred to a neurologist, who took one look at me and diagnosed PD, later confirmed (as far as is possible ) by a DaT scan. My GP had the grace and humility to apologise to me