LSVT loud and LSVT big

I am currently undertaking a course in LSVT loud. My speech therapist is excellent and is helping me in her own time, however, I would like to do LSVT Big. Has anyone had the treatment? I believe the NHS will not take anyone until they are bad enough. But it is essential to get treated before pd takes hold. I am 46yrs, run everyday, and go to the gym.
I have heard of LSVT but wasn't aware of there being two variants. I'm currently on a longish waiting list for it. I have a friend who had a very positive experience with it.
I hope it's working well for you

Can you explain what LSVT is and what it stands for?

Thanks. Samdog
LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. It is an intensive form of speech therapy used to address the quiet voice that is a common symptom of Parkinson's. It typically involves 16 sessions spread over 4 weeks and involves learning (or relearning) to be LOUD.
LSVT big seems to be the application of a similar idea to movement.

Thank you sounds very interesting and useful

I think I would go as far as saying to even include breathing exercises . Which is I suppose is part and parcel of the voice exercises .

Only this morning I have been getting my husband to try and take deeper breaths and then blowing them out as strongly and as long as he can manage .

I attended an LSVT symposium in London (as a patient) earlier in the year.  There were 15 British professionals training in the technique and as there were only 5 patients we each had 3 trainees taking us through the LSVT BIG exercises.  Results were very impressive and all trainees obtained the certificate that qualify them to instruct patients.  I believe that this training is an ongoing thing and since the symposium I attended, classes have taken place in other areas to train more practitioners.  A you tube video of the BIG exercise programme is available 'LSVT BBIG Home Exercise video'.  I have a friend who obtained the LSVT certificate and will qualify as an occupational therapist in July this year when she hopes to take on patients to undergo the exercise programme.  I exercise regularly and see the good it does for me so will join her as soon as she is fully qualiofied.

Hi, this in response to 'Annie' but open to anyone who might be able to help.. thanks! I am trying to track down a LSVT loud therapist, please can you tell me how to do this? Perhaps you can give me the contact details for the therapist you know? I am trying to find out how to make contact with both NHS  and private therapists with a view to finding out about an assessment for the on-line course for a friend. I've discovered much info on Google but not how to actually contact a therapist!                              Best wishes with your own quest! (Guess you know 'big' can also be done on-line, after, I understand, an initial assessment.)

HI Vonne, I'm 'Rekab' - would you be kind enough to read my 'comment' to Annie? (posted 23/02/15) This is the first time I have used the forum and managed to miss your comment which is very relevant to my 'quest'.Thanks in hope!

Hi Rekab, I'm the Speech & Language Therapist that saw 'Annie' for LSVT Loud.  I am able to provide this therapy programme either face to face or using telepractice.  Please let me know if you'd like me to contact you directly about this.  Thanks.