LSVT preparation

I’ve signed up for the Lee Silverman Voice Training course in the new year and would appreciate any feedback from those who’ve done it. Today I have received an appointment for a nasendoscopy to check that I’m fit to proceed and I’m a bit concerned about this camera up the nose job. I know I’m being a wuss and it’s not like they’re going to shove a Hasselblad up there but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been there. Many thanks.

Hi Gwendolin .

I had the same examination a number of years ago, before commencing LSVT. The worst part was thinking about it beforehand. The actual examination did not last so long, and although aware of tube, very little could be felt.

Most importantly, I found the LSVT very helpful. There is a lot of intensive training for a number of weeks, but at the end of that time, if you train at home too on a regular basis, the difference in your voice (in my case at least) is amazing.

The only drawback is that you need to continue voice practice on a daily basis thereafter. I manage it most of the time, but we are all human, so there are less good periods.

Go for it, and try not to worry about initial exam.

Best wishes. EM x