Lucid Deaming

Diagnosed 2 yrs ago
medication Neupro + Rasaligin (1300 hours)
Age 59

For the past year I have had the alarming experience of sleep paralysis on waking. I wake but can´t move. I can see my room and hear people outside. I know I am awake but am probably still asleep. After what feels like a long time I break out of it. This only happens when taking an afternoon nap.

I also have  recurring nightmare. I can´t move and can't breath but no one around me is taking it seriously. As I fall into unconsciousness I wake up gagging for breath.

Recently I have had more pleasant experiences, I can control my dreams. I am conscious but dreaming vividly. I can walk around rooms and look for things. Doesn't last for long but fun while it lasts.

Anyone else with similar dreams?





              Yes   clatter,    I  have endured  for  over  18, well  it  more  really  but the  heavy  stuff  started 18yrs ago   well  we  will  start with  visions  both  visual  and  tactile (my  bed  moves and  things  float   across   the room  and  when  you  combine  these  with   the  most  horrible  dreams  ever  well  it  does  not make  for restfull  sleep   so  sir,now   part of the  cause can  be  drugs but parky is  the  culprit  im  afraid,  I have  tried  every  sweetie  in  the  box  before  fitting  the  Dudopa  and  tough  its amazing  in  some ways it  cant stop the awful terror  fillled nights,  but  all  is  not  lost for    from  95  to  2000  I was  lucky to  be  taken  under  the   wing of   Dr  A McGregor  at  NTGH and  he  taught  me  CBT  cognitive behaviour  therapy.  this was  for  severe  deppresion  and  it  worked up  to  a point  but  where it really   worked was in  combating  the  dreams  and  visions I simply recognise them  for  what  they  are  even  telling some of  the  worst situations  you can  RIGHT  ENOUGH  OF  THIS  YOU  LOT   CAN  B?????R  OFF  im  awake,, and  it  works,  though  as I defeat one  theme,  another  crops  up  the  latest is  My  wife is raped in front  of   me and  im   shut  down  and   cannot  lift a  finger  to  help,  so    in  short  there  may  be  a way  to  stop your ideous dreams, but  alas  I  have  not  found a permanent  stopper

                                                                  Regards  FED