Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Hi all
2 years ago,I had an accidental fall playing badminton. Apart from a massive bruising on my right hip next day, there was no apparent injury nor pain. However, a month later, I had sudden onset of excruciating pain on my right upper thigh which restricted my mobility. GP diagnosed muscle strain, ruled out having it xrayed and prescribed analgesia with no effect. With the pain being unbearable and my PD being out of control (I was having breathing problems), I went privately for an orthopaedic’s opinion. Hip X-ray and MRI showed tendonitis,bursitis and large haematoma. U/S guided steroid injection eased off the pain and I regained my mobility. Meantime, my breathlessness persisted with the added tightening of chest which my neurologist dismissed as being due to PD but later admitted it. Btw, I’m 73 and diagnosed in 2014. In April last year, I was experiencing what seemed to be a sciatic like pain on my left leg. Despite trying conservative treatment, the pain got increasingly worse- numb,tingly, shooting pain from buttocks to feet mainly left sided initially then the right leg was also affected. MRI confirmed critical L4/5 stenosis. The spinal surgeon gave me 3 options ie lumbar epidural injection, decompression or not do anything. In view of my age and uncontrolled PD,(I’m now trying to find a good balance between having dyskinesia and bradykinesia) before trialling apomorphine. Currently, I’m taking sinemet 125 mg, 5 times a day, neupro patch 12 mg/24hrs and madopar dispersible 62.5 mg as rescue dose. I would appreciate any suggestions/comments from anybody with same experience as me please.

Hi @leicor
I can’t say much about your pd Meds except that it is extremely common for hospitalised pd patients not to receive pd medicines as required hence the on time campaign by parkinson’s uk.
I do however understand the pain you will be experiencing as I had successful decompression surgery in 2001 albeit at 39 years old but I have met many people whom the surgery achieved no good outcome.
I’m sure your surgeon has discussed with you about the possibility of the operation achieving poor outcome.
So if you elected to have it factor in the possibility of not having your pd Meds at the time you require and what that may do to you.
I have a great deal of sympathy with your back /leg pain but maybe staying out of hospital with good pain control could be the best case scenario for you.
Good luck to you and stay safe