Lupita Nyong’o’s arms

Last summer during what passed for a heatwave in London I flew up to Edinburgh to visit my aunty. Even though the flight is less than an hour I got up to relieve my akathisia (inability to sit still) by doing a few yoga stretches for my legs . I was wearing a gym vest because it was so warm and was greatly amused when the air hostess described my arms as “ripped” . I am in my early sixities and this is not a word that anyone has ever used about my appearance.

However recently a more accurate description would have been “wrecked”. I had stopped going to the gym and had only been using my trike for exercise. I had some winter bug I couldn’t get rid of which culminated in the vomits. The next day my ribs were stiff from the heaving and my back was aching from all the jiggling about when I couldn’t sleep.

So I am trying to build up a yoga habit at home going back to the basics and this video is quite useful. It’s only 20 minutes - simple poses and not too many instructions. Hopefully the stretches will help the stiffness in my neck, shoulders, back and arms. It is ridiculously hard to do yoga with dyskinesias. I am struggling just to get my palms to meet.

Hi @Appletree,

I wouldn’t mind my arms being described as “ripped”, that sounds like a great compliment to me. :blush:

Sorry to hear about your winter bug, I hope you are feeling better and it’s great that you’ve started doing yoga, especially with dyskinesia. I’m sure you will inspire many others on the forum. Keep up he great work! :+1:

Best wishes,

Thanks Reah- it’s amazing what you can achieve with persistence. I’ll just call my version ‘messy yoga’.

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