Macuna Pruiriens Long Term


Was diagnosed a couple of years ago, I’m 48 and decided not to start on the meds. However I have given Macuna Pruriens a try and I’ve been impressed with the results, my shoulder pain and stiffness have gone, my tremor, although minor, has greatly improved.

This raises a couple of questions for me.

  1. Macuna Pruriens have natural Levodopa in them, does this mean I’ll get the same effect of long term medical Levodopa, I’m thinking about the uncontrolled movements, body ticks and jerks etc.

  2. Some of the early medications caused heart problems, could this be the case with natural Macuna Pruriens.

Thanks for any responses.

I’m the same as you in respect of holding off on the meds, preferring to believe that eating well and only putting (what I perceive as) more natural substances inside my body. My symptoms sound similar to yours, plus I lose my voice easily, and can’t really use my left hand. Can you tell me what brand you use please, and how much you take (& how you take it)?

Hi there,

I use Macuna Dopa the brand is called “Now”. I take 2 capsules with a main meal. They are about 3/4 inch long but go down very easy. They are from Amazon around £11 for 90, but you can get them cheaper on eBay.

I stopped taking them for a couple of days and became stiff, my tremor was also more noticeable.

Thanks JonJoe. Did you find your stiffness seemed worse than it had done before you stared taking MP? (My worry is that my body becomes dependent, and starts craving a MP kick.)

Hi Agh,

It did seem worse, but I only stopped for a couple of days, I’m sure it would have improved had I stayed off them. It also improved my face, I’ve had a grimace for years, I think it’s helped my face muscles.

Have a look at the reviews on Amazon, if you go to the .com site there are hundreds. People take it to improve mood and motivation.

Hi JonJoe,

Thanks for replying to me.

Ah the dead-eye grimace - we have the perfect poker faces.

I have no more questions :slight_smile: - thank you. I’ll go for it.

Do you take this as well as madapar