Macuna Pruriens Capsules

Good morning everyone, I started taking Macuna pruriens capsules yesterday as I needed help with the tremors in my right arm, terrible pain and cramping in the same arm and bilateral shoulder stiffness. Today I don’t feel so stiff and achey, could they work that fast? The only other meds I take are Pramipexolw 1.0mg, which I’ve taken for nearly a year with no obvious benefit. It’s too soon to say whether they will help long term but just to be pain free right now is a bonus. Has anyone else tried these capsules?

I have not taken capsules, but I have taken the mucuna powder. It takes effect within 30 minutes or so, for me. I should warn you that if you suffer from unwanted movements, also known as dyskinesias, when you take mucuna, it might be because the levodopa within the mucuna is being broken down by your body before it gets to your brain. If this happens, I would suggest you drink green tea, it reduces such movements.

I would suggest you speak to your neurologist in case your medication needs to be changed.

Thanks for that, it’s good to know. I’m just day 2 on these capsules at the moment and have a huge amount of scepticism, but will try anything once.

What dose are u taking?

Hello Costa 16
I have been taking the Now Dopa Macuna capsules which have 120mgs of LDopa per capsule. How much passes the blood brain barrier though is anyone’s guess. I take one in the morning and another mid afternoon and they do seem to help with pain. Hope this helps. Kate

Hi kate i haven’t been diagnosed - usi ng this as a diagnostic aid - but i have been having increased body stiffness and now one sided shoulder pain. I have been trying the same tablets as you. I definitely feel more upbeat after just one tablet (placebo as this is quite a low dose?) and the effect seems to last up to 2 days but my shoulder pain is intermittant so its hard to tell if its effecting this. I will keep you updated. Best wishes chris

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We buy Pure Selva on Ebay Uk from a seller in Scarborough. It really works. I/2 teaspoon dose gets my husband ‘on’ in 20 to 30 mins. He also sells capsules 500mg. All very reasonably priced. I make flavoured ice cubes with 1/2 teaspoon of the powder in each to make it easier for him to take.

Well I saw my Neurologist who wasn’t particularly interested in the Dopa capsules I’ve been taking. He only said that the blood brain barrier would make them virtually ineffective, and perhaps any benefit I perceived was maybe psychological? Anyway he has now started me on Sinemet Plus (25/100) on half a tab TDS for one week, then whole tablet thereafter. I’ve only been on them 2 days and haven’t had that awful cramping so hopefully I’m now on the right meds. I hope you all are Ok and are managing this dreadful disease as best you can. Regards Katie

Better than capsules is Pure Selva 100% Mucuna from Ebay Uk. My husband has half a teaspoon to kick start his meds. It really works. Put in a glass with small amount of flavoured drink and drink through a straw. Need to experiment to find your correct doseage.

Hi everyone i was taking mucuna pruriens for 2 months made no difference at all with my symptoms i dont take meds at this moment in time mucuna was 120mg