Madapar timing

My Parkinson’s nurse and my neurologist tell me to try reducing my madapor for at least three or four days before assessing any improvement or worsening of my symptoms whereas some people seem to benefit from taking their madapor when they sense the need rather than consistently at regular times. My own experience suggests I get some improvement of symptoms within fifteen minutes of taking my 25/100 madapar which might last three to four hours before quite abruptly wearing off. Does anyone else share my confusion over the recommendations given as to when best to take madapar?

Hi…this may help

Yes, I absolutely do! I was wondering if I am able to adjust my dose as I need it on different days depending what I’m doing? Eg busy day take an extra dose, not doing much take less? I don’t understand if the increased amount has to be taken for few days before any benefit is felt ? Or if having a baseline amount would enable an irregular increase to have an effect.