Made it my mission to fight DLA and won

Not been on the form in ages had the fight of my life on with the dla ,i am 30 years old and was told i wasn't entitled to any dla money because what i think was my age and lack of correct information in my form .i have just been to my dla tribunral and won the highest rate care component and the highest rate of mobility for life . I would love to provide moral or information support to my fellow parkies .4 grand of back moneies and a smile was worth all the pain and tears .

Peace out parkies
well done Jamo I am delighted to read of your good fortune. It just goes to show what can be done and gained if you fight your cause.

Radz xx
Buzz, best advice I can give is to get help filling the forms in from CAB who will then submit your claim on your behalf.
Good Luck :smile:
Hi my husband was diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 46, we have tried to be positive and carry on as best we could. He is really struggling now and work is becoming harder by the day. We have just started to fill in the DLA form and OMG what a challenge that is, we would be really grateful for any advice filling this in, the questions are unbelievable and difficult to answer as you know PD is not the easiest disease to describe unless you are living with it or living with someone with the disease.

Thanks for your help.

we would be really grateful for any advice filling this in

The advice is in the post above you, ask CAB to assist, advise, and they'll even do the writing if needs be.
CAB stands for citizens advice bureau :smile:
Well done Jamo. I am waiting for a decision after a reapplication. Gives me hope!
To Buzz and Kirky,

I was helped by DIAL. They came to my house and filled out the form for my appeal. When I did it myself despite describing my worst days it was rejected.
They are an organisation specifically for disabled people and employ people with disabilities who have experience of the nasty forms and how they should be completed.
I completed the forms myself and was successful.

Be honest with them but be specific about what you find hard such as cooking a meal.

People will say to fill in the form based on your worst day but PD is a fluctuating disease and DLA know that so be honest and keep your fingers crossed.

PS. make sure you enclose any additional info from neuro (i.e. letters) as this will speed up the process. Mine took three months as they had to request reports from the GP and my neuro

Good luck.
Thanks to you all, we have just finished the form on line which makes it alot easier, will look over it again tomorrow then submit.... watch this space. Will let you know how he goes on. We feel this is the first step to help him be able to look at finishing work, not sure what the future holds we are both worried sick about mortgage bills etc. but something has got to give.

I feel that it is all on my shoulders trying be supportive and strong, when he gets down and negative. He feels I dont understand how bad he is as I dismiss everything, but I am just trying to be positive, when friends say hows is he I always say great! wrong.... 'how can you say that when im not'!

Oh well tomorrows another day
Hello i had a tribunial 3 years ago and also won my
case, got a back payement as well,
i also got a letter telling me i will get
an (indefinant) payment, but now im
worried if i have to go through the same thing again,
Hi just an update on my husbands application for DLA, we submitted it on line and got a decision within a week, he has been awarded the lower rate indefinitely. Really surprised it was so quick. Is this a normal time scale?
HI Jamo,
Best news I have heard all century!!! Bas****S.
Kirky, you will probably find that you are due higher rate with care component. They think they have got off lightly.

I would appeal. Bas****S.
My hubby is on the higher rate for mobility and low rate for care due to arthiritis and we were enquiring about trying for a higher rate in care and advised not to by a support worker for PD as they were cutting back so many applications. Not sure which way to go with this one. :( . Glad to hear you have won with them though.
Visionvalue hello, why not apply again you never know you might be lucky. All the best.
Hello Parkies,
I have been twice refused for DLA and am awaiting a tribunal hearing.
The first application form I completed myself, then at the second attempt it was filled in by my local Parkinsons's support worker who has long experience of the benefits system.
Although I have read all the correspondence from the DWP relating to DLA in detail, it is a mystery to me how anyone
is able to meet the vague and obscure conditions that one is expected to comply with in order to qualify.
Several years back my then GP told me that doctors are instructed to avoid giving a specific diagnosis for serious diseases for as long as they can, to ensure that applicants are not able to claim for various benefits.
Currently, I have a recent report from my neuro which would seem to describe the medical condition of a premiership footballer.
Among the phrases he displays in the report I apparently
have "good mobility" and he does "not understand why I chose to give up working".
Having reread his report I am tempted to apply for a position as
a striker with Arsenal.
I understand that medics need to err on the side of caution when writing their patient's reports.
However, such phraseology in a consultant's report means that the applicant for DLA is snookered.

Many years ago a friend of mine had a full scale mental breakdown, from which he did not fully recover.
To the unknowing observer, he looked very smart and was an entertaining and well read character.
As I had known him from way back I was aware that he had now become both deranged and dangerous, despite his apparent normality.
I asked him one day how he had succeeded in obtaining DLA.
He answered as follows;
"For a week before my medical assessment I do not shave or shower. I select clothes from the charity shop that are ragged and ill fitting and sleep in these to achieve that lived in look.
I wear odd coloured socks and dishevel my hair with gel.
On the day of the interview I take my "carer" with me.
This "carer" is a neighbour who is a belligerent alcoholic.
We travel to the interview together and half an hour prior
to the meeting I use eye drops to make my eyes sparkle.
We then neck at least six neat vodkas apiece and I present myself to the panel for interview.
It is essential to burst into tears during the interview process and to appear as confused as can be. The vodka is a great help with this".

These are the lengths that a dangerous mental patient was forced into to obtain the grant of DLA.
Two years ago his illness became too much for him to bear and my old friend died of self inflicted wounds.
I will long remember him and his story on the Bar Stewards of DLA.
If you think you are due DLA, then pursue it and contest each
Remember, Abu Hamza was in receipt of this benefit and the UK
can afford to give away £12 billion of foreign aid.
Ergo, George Osbourne has bundles of Wonga in the Sherman Tank!
Keep at them,
Best Wishes,