Made such a difference

Just wanted to share, my mum is 83 and has Parkinson’s diagnosis 6-8 yrs ago. Her brain scan shows the front part of her brain is affected. This is where the planning, sequencing and problem solving/self correction takes place….going to the toilet has become almost impossible without supervision until I bought a simple bath mat from Amazon. Paramount City Non Slip Bath Mat Big Feet Bathroom Shower Rugs Shaggy Carpet Absorbent Doormat Floor Mat (40 * 60CM, Grey) It was £13.96

It has two large footprints and help her align herself so that she can safely sit correctly in the right direction.
This has given her independence back. Something simple has made such a difference- being able to take yourself off to go to the loo is something we take for granted- now she can do this on her own again as this little mat has given her the tool to enable her to do it independently. Thought I must share in case anyone else has difficulty in the positioning and the cognitive struggles this brings?
Best regards
Michelle (daughter and cater)


Delighted to hear this simple solution has made such a difference and its certainly worth making a note of. Thank you for taking the time to post details. I hope this method will serve your mother well for a long time.

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