Made-to-measure shoes

I have just taken delivery of a new pair of bespoke shoes from my local hospital's orthotics department. Wow, what a difference!!! Walking is so much more comfortable. My legs don't ache nearly as much and I tend not to shuffle or scuff my feet. They fasten with velcro straps as I tend to fumble with laces. Hope to get a second pair made in a more casual style.

Glad you have found something that helps.

Can you give us some idea of what is different about the shoes that makes them so good? I am having so much trouble with shoes. Summer was more or less ok with sandals and soft canvas shoes, but I now have just one pair of sloppy old suede boots that I can wear, everything else takes the skin off my toes, but they are very hot and sweaty!!
I do hope you will continue to find them more comfortable .. I would be interested to know your need for made to measure shoes ..

My husband has very small feet and it's been aproblem finding smaller size shoes that fit him . We have looked for years for somewhere that would make them for him ..

He now also has all the problems that go with Parkinsons including sticky up big toes .

What road did you have to go down to get some made for you .
My right foot has curled toes caused by dystonia (muscular rigidity) and my right foot has a dropped arch and so tends to roll inwards.
First the othotist took careful measurements of my feet (length, width and girth) then he took an impression of them in some sort of foam plastic. The shoes took a couple of months to make.
I asked my gp to refer me to the orthotics department but I think it's up to the orthotist himself to decide whether you qualify for special footwear on the NHS.
Hope this helps.
thanks for that info Christo
Thanks for directing me here from my post on foot problems. It sounds as though you have similar problems.

Think I will pester my GP for an appointment with Orthotics.
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