Madopar and Mucuna dose

Hello there,
I am recently diagnosed with PD and am currently on 2 x Madopar 50mg/12.5mg daily (it should be 3 x daily but I am very reluctant to take more than 2 as my symptoms aren’t too bad at the moment and I am really struggling mentally with my diagnosis). I also take 3 x Magnesium L- threonate capsules daily ( a total of 1500mg intake daily). I have just bought Mucuna L- dopa 99% capsules from British Supplements. They recommend 1 x capsule daily(giving 353.7mg of L-dopa daily). I have been in contact with my PD nurse for advice but she doesn’t seem keen on me taking these as they are ‘unregulated’ and will in all likelihood ‘make me vomit.’ Not very helpful, I thought ! So I’d like to ask other people on here who are taking these Mucuna capsules the following:

a) when should I take them ie. am /pm/ bedtime?

b)should they be taken on an empty stomach or with something so they don’t make you sick?

c)do I take just one Madopar capsule daily if I’m taking a Mucuna capsule daily as the dose of L-dopa in them is very high or stick to the two Madopar + the Mucuna ?

Any advice would be much appreciated as I’m confused and a bit desperate !
Also I am still working so I want to try and not be sick if I can avoid it !
Many thanks.


I’ve been taking the same supplement of mucuna for 2 weeks and i can honesly say it has been amazing for me :slight_smile:

Got my arm swing back for the 1st time in 5 years, much more alert, walking better, and energised. My wife says i improved by 1 maybe 2 levels :slight_smile: no real side effects. Its bloody great :slight_smile:

I take 2/3 ! Capsule morning and night so take 11/3 capsule a day. I was taking 2 capsules a day but found it to be much and caused me restless legs

Got a slight feeling of bloated but after 10 days that has passed. Never been sick or felt sick. Your nurse is just scaremongering. In my experience, this stuff really is terrific :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for replying to my query azmilo1977.Very glad the mucuna’s working for you.I hope they do for me . If anyone else is on similar medication or has any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you…The longer we can all keep functioning the better !

Has anyone tried atremoplus? I am hearing great reviews. Only downside is the cost.


After reading your article I ordered a bottle of mucuna L Dopa 99 from British supplements. They arrived today. I had one tablet and after a while I could walk much better than before. I’m worried though, incase it’s harmful when used with dopamine agonists and selegiline. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi there

Ordered the same macuna from the same place.

Was a bit worried about taking them during the day as to what they would do to me with taking stalevo every 2-3 hrs … So I started taking one every night about 9pm …. And since then I’ve not had any dystonia in my foot when I first wake up😃

So a thumbs up from me , I am going g to start introducing another dose during the day.


Hi liam

That is great news :slight_smile: how are you getting on with mucuna now?