Madopar and Post Menopausal Spotting?

Fairly new to this forum , therefore not sure if I’m posting in the correct place , so does anyone know if Madopar can cause Post Menopausal Spotting ?
I’m 66 yrs old and have been taking Madopar for 6 months and had a slight show of spotting a month ago and another one today.
Thanks in advance .

I had some spotting after the menopause on one occasion. The issue of my meds didn’t come up. I went to my gp who sent me for a scan urgently and I saw a gynaecologist shortly after that. In my case it was felt to be a thinning of the vaginal walls. There could be a number of causes . In your position I would get it checked out .

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Firstly, when did you last have a proper period? You can have breakthrough bleeding shortly after menopause.
However, when did you have your covid jabs or booster and which variety?
There is a now acknowledged link between Pfizer and Post menopausal bleeding!
I think it highly unlikely that madopar would cause it.
Either way it wouldn’t hurt to get it checked out.


Thanks for the reply . I shall get myself checked out asap I can get a GP or Nurse in surgery .

Thanks for the reply. I had my Pfizer Booster Jab just before it happened the first time, however my common sense tells me I should get it checked out asap I can see a GP or Nurse and intend doing that . It’s typical for these things to happen over the holiday period.

@Tam64 @Mitch1 thanks again both . I had a telephone consultation with my GP today and he’s referred me to a gynae clinic :+1:

I’m glad I could help. I hope all goes well.

Thank you once again :pray:

I hope they see you soon and it is all okay.
Do let them know it started after the jab, I believe it’s a yellow card job

@Mitch1 thanks again. I’ve been yellow carded in the past due to a reaction to levofloxacin , an antibiotic , and also highly allergic to Penicillin. I did mention it but I suspect it fell on deaf ears. At least I’ve been referred to the appropriate dept to get it sorted though .

@Mitch1 @Tam64 just reporting back that I had a hysteroscopy today. The result is that nothing untoward was found . I mentioned the Pfizer vaccine but no one took any notice .