Madopar and pramipexole

Hi all I have just been told by my neurologist to take 1 62.5 madopar 3 times a day does anyone know if it is best to take them at different times to my pramipexole 1.05 mg 3 times a day or at the same time, I didn't think to ask and at the moment I am taking them all at the same time, thanks martin
You can take them together, if you want to, but do avoid mealtimes when taking the Madopar as Levodopa is a protein and competes for absorption with the protein in food and therefore is less effective when taken with food. Madopar works best on an empty stomach. Half an hour before a meal or at least one and a half to two hours after is recommended. However, if nausea is a problem taking some food (sometimes a biscuit is sufficient) with the drug can help.
Hi Kate thanks fort the advice, Martin