Madopar dispensable in the morning only

Anyone been prescribed this only for the morningWhat time did you take it before the usual Sinemet and how long does it last? Clairebear

I take a Madopar 6 times a day with my. dopamine…(used to be sinimet but was starting to get wearing of so have switched to Stalevo)
I am 72 and 18 years into the PD journey. On the whole I do
Pretty well. Cycling and walking are my thing. Yea I have bad days but always bounce back…
Take care

I take madopar also and have been advised I can take it up to 5 times a day but that it was wasted if taken at the same time as my main medication which had been sinimet but I have also been changed recently to Stalevo. Hope this maybe of some help.