Madopar dosage

I am taking 9 Madopar (50mg/12.5mg) per day - my GP said she will increase the dosage of each capsule so that I don’t have to swallow so many. I have been supplied with 2 bottles of capsules - 100mg.25mg Madopar capslules and, as previous, Madopar (50mg/12.5mg) looks like I need to take one of each 3 times a day - I guess I need to swallow 2 capsules instead of 3. If I have any doubts I will ask my chemist or GP - I suppose I will have to in order to be sure

Im currently on 6 Madopar (50mg/12.5mg) per day plus a stronger slow release capsule I have to take 20 mins before bed. On Monday 12th November im bk at the drs to have the daily dosage increased as my symptoms have not improved much since starting on meds. Been on meds for bout 50 days now and the increase in dosage is last item on the neurologists report until my next review on December 4th. No idea if my gp will have me on 3 capsules 3 times a day or 2 stronger capsules guess I will find out soon enough.

I was on 6 Madopar (50mg/12.5mg) per day 2nd week of my treatment - it was from week three that I increased to 9 tablets and I certainly noticed a big difference in my symptoms. Best of luck to you!

I am relieved that I haven’t experienced many side effects (yet) but certainly have a maddening itchiness on my shins. Does anyone know how to address that? Thanks