Madopar dosage

Hi. I am shortly meeting my consultant to discuss whether to the increase my dosage. Can you confirm what is considered a low or high dose of Madopar? I currently take the three 100mg/25mg and three 50/12.5mg tablets a day which equates to 450mg levodopa day.

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400 - 800 mg is the maintenance dose.

Says the National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence

Thank you. That’s very helpful

I take 5 x 100/25mg & 1 x slow release 100/25 (for night-times) - so 600/day
My days can vary between calm and steady (a good day) to medium shakes in hands and an odd lip & lower jaw tremor (an annoying day), the latter I can consciously stop - before it starts again.
Stress or annoyance or anticipation, ramps everything up though (a bad day)

Naturally drinking a mug of tea while wearing clean clothes is ALWAYS bad news - on any type of day!

Surely a maintenance of low dose are only relevant if those given levels improve or stabilise the PD sufferer. From what we’ve learnt over the 10 years since my husband was formally diagnosed is that Parkinson’s is different for each and every diagnosed person. Sure there are some similarities to the condition but how individual sufferers are affected is extremely varied. This given, the doseage of drugs prescribed to stabilise are also very varied.
My husband’s madopar was increased last year to 2 x 100mg/25 mg tablets 4 times a day plus a slow release taken 10pm at night of 200mg/50 mg = 1000mgs a day.
www. uk state ‘the effective dose usually lies within the range of 4-8 capsules or dispersible Madopar 100mg/25 mg a day.
Quantity required definitely a discussion with your neurologist. Age and other conditions also impact doseage.

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My problem is that I feel Madopar has done absolutely nothing for me. My only symptoms are painful spasm like feet but no curling. The backs of my legs and lower body generally are very stiff like. My neurologist doesn’t really know what to think and said he might look for a second opinion.

I suffered from tight calf muscles at first. Couple of sessions with a sports massage lady and I was back to normal.

Deep muscle massage hurts but does relieve symptoms

Hi…I take 5x 100 mg that seems to be wearing off… plus I have DBS…and 3 4mg Rotogitin…So you are good I assume:)