Madopar dosage

My husband has been offered DBS as he has had so many problems with medication and unpleasant side effects. He has decided to increase Madopar as he has been told he is on a relatively low dose. Madopar is the only Parkinson drug he has been able to tolerate although he is not sure if it is doing anything. Is there aanyone on this drug only and what is a normal dose. He is currently taking 8 62.5 mg Madopar dispersible daily. What is considered a large dose and should he be noticing anything different on this current dose,
I would be grateful for any advice on this subject, I know everyone is different I just don't want him to increase he dose too much and make matters worse.
Thank you to everyone in advance who replies.
Hi Popsie

You don’t say how long your husband has been diagnosed. I was dx 2.5 years ago, but dx myself two years earlier.

I am currently on one Mirapexin Prolonged Release 1.57 mg a day and the Neuro recently added three 1.25 mg Madopar. They are certainly helping me to walk more smoothly and the tremor is hardly visible ... for now.

The Madopar bottle instructs me to take them at 8-hourly intervals, but I do better taking them at 5-hourly intervals during the day. By my reckoning, your husband is taking 500 mg Madopar daily and I am taking 375 mg. If he was diagnosed several years ago, it would seem that his dose is, as you suspect, relatively low.

I hope that helps.

PS The Neuro tells me that DAs and levodopa complement each other.
Hi lily
I am 53yrs old and have had parkinson's for nearly 5 yrs and i am to take 6 x 62.5mgs of madopar daily and a bucket of other meds Pramipxol up to 3.1mg rasigiline 1mg simenet plus 2 x 5 times daily sinemet slow realise ,+ gabapentine paracetamol ibupofen for pain and lansoprazol to protect my stomach and domperidone to stop me being sick. Like your husband i have had horrible side effects and have tried every medication in the cupboard and as my tremor is not too bad the rem sleep disturbance screaming and thumping my hubby the stiffness the joint/muscle pains the twitching the difficulty concentrating the difficulty speaking the increased tiredness is effecting my working and home life and i have been referred to discuss DBS I don't know if I want this yet but as my consultant keeps quoting "you are still young" yes he said that really I am concerned that they are messing with my little shrivelled pea. I have had problems with surgery in the past every operation has gone wrong once 15yrs ago i nearly did not make it. I would think the dose your husband is on is ok the neuro medic's will not have prescribe this if not.
Sorry popsie I called you lily my mistake I appologise