Madopar dosage

I am currently on 11 hard capsules (100mg / 25mg) per day at the present time and was wondering if others were at this level and how you were coping. I am finding that "my windows of normality" are steadily decreasing and may, very soon, become too little and I have to give up my work which would be devastating. I have been told that up to 15 capsules is the limit before one starts to see things crawl up the wall.

I have heard that taking in greater volumes of water can help supplement what the madopar does but I do not know if there is any truth in this or is there anything else that one can try that may help beat off the demons that come with this horrible disease.

Any help or advice would be very welcome.
a mao-b inhibitor like selegiline or azilect can increase the availabilty.
encatapone increase the amount that reaches the brain.
carbonated water or lemonade
have all been suggested as useful.

milk and meat are generally thought negative.
constipation probably stuffs up absorption.

warm rather than cold or hot liquids are probably best.