Madopar every day same time?

Hi all! Please help. My Husband is taking Madopar for 5 weeks. 200mg/day, 1/4 at 6am, 1/4 at 10 am, 1/4 at 14pm, 1/4 at 18pm. Is it crutial to take it every day in this time? What should we do if he gets up at 7am? How to adjsut the dosage?

thank you

Hi @Acsapo2. My consultant did say it should be taken within 1 hour of stated time. Never double dose.
I’ve got alarms set on my phone to wake/remind me when next tab is due. Best advice though is have a word with your parkinson’s nurse. They know you better than me.

I take 5 x 250md/day but wasn’t given any set times to take them just to space them out evenly over the day. I don’t usually surface until 8 or sometimes 9am !! If I get up at 8am I space them over every three & a half hours taking my last one at 10pm.