Madopar in hot climates

Hi! Information on my bottle of Madopar 100mg/25mg hard capsules says’Do not store above 25 degrees’. I going to North west China for two weeks where temperatures will be in high thirties. As I’m moving on most days and out and about I cannot leave tablets indoors on hotels. Has anyone experienced these issues or have any suggestions. Thanks

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Hello Meparkie. Welcome to the forum. I hope this helps (I don’t have any first hand experience of dealing with that problem) Best wishes. I hope you enjoy your holiday

You may be able to source a small capacity in car bottle cooler that runs off the cigarette lighter socket (especially in China!!)
There are many alternates
Chill out !

Thanks for those helpful comments. It has also been suggested to me that the issue could be if tablets are stored over a long period at a higher than recommended period some heat sensitive elements in the tablet could break down. However this would not be an issue for me in the short term