Madopar makes you stink

Since taking Madopar I’ve had a sickly sweetish bouquet. I recently met a lady for the first time, and recognised her aroma. I really don’t like it. I hope she didn’t think I was being unfriendly. She later disclosed that she was also taking Madopar.

I’m a bit surprised that you can smell anything, given that you have Parkinson’s. Lucky you to have retained your sense of smell!

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It’s not as good as it was. I struggle to smell bluebells now sadly. Shows how strong the Madopar pong must be.

Madopar does not make you smell. There must be another cause.

It was the common denominator between me and the other lady, who emitted the same odour as me, one which I’ve had only since taking Madopar.

It’s not the Parkinson’s your smelling? Yes, sounds crazy but some people can detect a smell associated with PD. I saw on TV where a person capable of this feat was given samples of cloth worn by both PD suffers and non-PD people. The ‘sniffer’ got all the PD samples, and non PD ones correctly identified, except for one. That sample smelled of PD according to the ‘sniffer’ but had came from a non-PD. That is until several months later when this “non”-PD person was actually diagnosed with PD.
My wife said she has detected a slight change in me, but my case the PD has also coincided with an increase in my arthritis making me now also very inactive, and indoors a lot more, so maybe my new ‘aroma’ may be down to that that change instead.

Difficult to say, but I’ve known I’ve got PD for 3.5 years, but only noticed the ‘perfume’ since taking M from August this year. Instantaneous recognition when I met the lady, who is also taking M.
I’ve raised this as a funny little light hearted thing.

Wish I could remember the program now, think it was on one of the BBC channels, rather than one of those cable channels with their pseudo science, designed only to just draw viewers and advertisement revenues in.

Here’s the BBC link.

The awful smell was one of the first things I noticed about my husband & I unfairly accused him of poor hygiene. As he’d lost his sense of smell, he couldn’t smell it himself!

I was diagnosed with PD 9 years ago. One of the first things I noticed was a smell in my bedroom. I did not notice it while I was in the room but did after re-entering the odour was apparent.

Thanks for the link Mountainair

Thanks all, for contributing to the discussion.