Madopar & Mucuna Dosage

My husband was recently diagnosed with PD and he is currently on 3x Madopar 50mg/12.5mg daily (additional Madopar 100/25 slow release at bedtime daily) his main symptoms are slowness, rigidity & balance. He also take 3 x Magnesium L- threonate capsules daily. I have just bought Mucuna L- dopa 99% capsules from British Supplements. They recommend 2x capsule daily(giving 237.6mg of L-dopa per capsules). I have been in contact with his PD nurse for advice she’s on board with him adding the Mucuna to his meds. I’d like to ask other people on here who are taking these Mucuna capsules

Should he take just one Madopar capsule daily if he is taking the 2 Mucuna capsule daily as the dose of L-dopa in them is very high?

Any advice would be much appreciated!