Madopar overseas

Hi folks,

Started on Madopar a few months back and so far so good, no drastic improvement but likewise no serious deterioration.

Planning on a move to Thailand in the near future and need some relevant information as to medication availability.

Ahead of a doctor's appointment this month, I would like to ask anyone with experience, if they have requested large quantity meds for taking overseas. I have heard that a 6 month prescription is the maximum allowed?

Also, would it be possible to have my sister pick up future 6 month scripts and post the meds out to me in Thailand?

If it came down to it, and I had to buy my own meds overseas, is Madopar particularly expensive?

Any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Kind regards, Scott

Hiya Scott,

Hope your move goes well,  really couldn't tell you about quantities allowed abroad or prices to have it shipped out. I've only ever needed 2 weeks at the most if going abroad. Hope you find the answers, good luck x

We once took 3 months medication abroad for a very long  holiday,  prescribed by our GP with no problem, just him wishing us, Bon Voyage, and do it while you can!!!

Tamoo, my worry would be that you may need you meds reviewed and changed from time to time so any longer than say, 3 or 6 months is a no no really.

I'm sure you can Google the price of any drug.

Thanks for the input folks. My stay in Thailand may well become permanent, but I'd like to maintain contact with my NHS contacts, through meds and also email contact with my GP and Consultant.

I do have a friend out there who is a GP and who can refer me to a Neurologist if needs be. If I feel I'm deteriorating at any kind of rate, I will indeed contact them and come home for a consultation if necessary.

People may baulk at this, but I've paid my dues to the NHS for over 30 years and the only real need I've had to call on their services was during the past year being tested, scanned etc and diagnosed finally through DAT.

Consultant is putting together a pack with all my medical histories and scans on DVD. Funnily enough, I had to consult a GP in Thailand after a small accident, and he immediately told me to see a Neorologist soon as possible on my return to UK. I had a CAT scan in Thailand and he noticed my poor writing and a small tremor in my thumb.

Well, you know how it goes after that!

I'm trying to gather as much info onn the drugs situation as I can and will be seeing my GP in a couple of weeks to clarify a few things and find out about the prescription etc.

Anything further, please do shout out, I'd be very grateful.

'Live your life'..........

Kind regards, Scott