HI I am 71 years old and diagnosed nearly a year ago.Started on madopar 62.5 3 times a day this was increased to 4 times a day and prolonged release of 100/25 madopar at night in November,now on 2 madopar 62.5 at 7oclock same at 12 oclock and then 1 at 5 oclock and advised to take the prolonged release at 9 pm.
Is this still quite a low dose of madopar,how high a dosage can you go to,started on ropinorole in november but had to come off it and this was when the madopar was increased to 5 a day,am aware its better to stay on a low dose but how low?

I think that adds up to 350mg of ldopa. 300mg is often the starting dose so thats still quite low. I am on 600mg after 4 years plus a little DA. It is usually thought best to keep as low as is acceptable. Its efficiency could be boosted with azilect or selegiline a little. The effect can be maximised by drinking plenty of water and taking between meals. Caffeine, choclate and coconut have also been suggested to help.


Thanks turnip for your reply,will do as you suggest and drink more water,good to know that the dose is still quite low,will try and keep it that way.

Hi I have been on Madopar for a year now, first 50mg for 3 months then very slowly increased to 100mg which I reached at the end of September. This has enabled me to walk normally again without shuffling or freezing.My balance isn't too bad and,with the help of daily exercise, my stamina has improved. I can now walk for an hour and jog for 100 metres. I still get the tremor and the stiffness and soreness fluctuate.On the whole I feel better. I consider this to be a good response to levodopa but my consultant thought it should be better. I believe levodopa only addresses the motor symptoms and that someone (Turnip?)once said that you shouldn't t expect more than 65 - 70% improvement in symptoms?
Comments greatly appreciated
Thank you

hi samdog
(my one and only dog was sam! sniff.)
i would put the % a bit higher than that though of course its difficult to measure - is that 100 per day or 3 x day? if former than quite low dose.
i find madopar also helps with driving, thinking, decision making etc.
if you are happy with how you are then why take more? but you have plenty of scope for increasing your dose if 100mg per day
best wishes

Hi our one and only dog was Sam too!

Madopar obviously not working on my brain that well as meant 100mg x 3 daily. Know I have scope to take more but neuro reticent to do so as I m 57. My dosage still fairly low I think. DA Mirapexin gave me very low blood pressure so haven t been given another one to try.

I know my movement is much better but stiffness and soreness come and go as do fatigue and anxiety. CBT on Monday. Looking forward to that if I don t get too anxious!

Thanks for your advice

Bw. Samdog