Can I please ask how people spread out their Madopar during each 24 hours ?

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Please remember that if you’re looking to change the timing or dose of your medication you should consult with a healthcare professional first.
Other than that I hope you find other people’s experiences helpful to hear.
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Hello ianr955 welcome aboard. Yesterday I took my Madopar at 7:30am (with Selegiline) 12:30pm and 5:30pm (with Selegiline)

Do you have to take 3 Madopar every 24 hours ?

As I understand it I have to take three capsules in a 24 hour period.
I just wondered how other people spaced them out, eg one every 8 hours or otherwise.

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At 7:30am I took Madopar (25mg/100mg + 12.5mg/50mg) + selegiline 5mg
At 12.30pm I took Madopar (25mg/100mg + 12.5mg/50mg)
At 5.30pm I took Madopar (25mg/100mg + 12.5mg/50mg) + selegiline 5mg

Therefore the Madopar and Selegiline were taken over a 10 hour period. I was warned that I should not be taking Madopar late evening - rather take at 6pm than 7pm

I was taking Madopar 3 times a day 7am/12pm/5pm but was getting dyskinaesia so now take lower dose (50mg) 6 times a day and it has helped enormously though I do need to make sure I take it on time, c every 2.5 hours.

I take mine “on demand”, i.e. when I feel the need, for example because my hands are trembling or stiff. I find this works well for me as the condition naturally ebbs and flows, but my neurologist has suggestsed it’s better to take at regular intervals.

I take madapor 5 times a day 1 at 9am 12am 3pm 6pm and 9pm

I have been dx 13 years. I currently take 1 x 100