Has anybody been told by their pharmacy that they cannot split Madopar. My doctor prescribed 140 for this month, but I only got 100. I phoned the pharmacy and they told me new guidelines say they cannot split a bottle to give me the extra 40. Instead they can give me another 100 this month and 200 next month.
Does that sound stupid to anyone else or am I just nuts?

We routinely get either short supplies or over supplies. Our pharmacy will never split the bottle. It’s certainly been that practice for us for years

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know that. The only reason I asked is because for months I have been getting 140 then it suddenly stopped and nobody told me why.

I think it’s terrible medical professionals don’t give you this information from the beginning, you only find out when something different happens and you start asking questions.

Oh well I know now. Thanks @Jandc.