Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with PD for 3 years now, this started after my operation for a new hip. I was firstly prescribed selegiline and Ropinirole which was great, then the ropinirole was changed to rasagiline which I know is the same but dosent seem to work the same, then after falls and tripping, etc etc I was put on sinemet starting at 1 a day and then going to 1 3 times a day, after a year I still can’t get past 1 a day because I’m sick regardless of what time I take food, although this is getting a little better the sinemet is much better than the madopar which is horrible and makes my symptoms a who,e lot worse has anyone else had this experience with Madapor , also I have no access at all to a parkinsons nurse.

Hello Fireopal,
We saw this was your first post and wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our community forum. As you’ll see if you have a look through the threads, getting medication right is a challenge for many people with Parkinson’s. Having a helpful medical team can make all the difference. As you say you don’t have access to a Parkinson’s nurse, we recommend you call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 as they specialize in finding local support. You can also peruse our website for loads of information on this topic. Here is a good place to start: Levodopa (co-beneldopa and co-careldopa) | Parkinson's UK. We hope this helps.
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