I've been reading several accounts of people's experience with Madopar but have not come across the following:- During the night, both my legs would go into spasm--not tremor or cramp.but spasm,of the type epileptics experience. I think it's called Myoclonus. It interrupted my sleep so much, I have been put on Clonazepam at night which helps but leaves me dazed the following day. It happens towards the end of dose. I try to take the Madopar 8 hourly. Naturally, I am going to see my neurologist. I don't wish to alarm anyone,but was curious if anyone else has suffered the same thing. Thanks
Well no, my h has been on madopar for about 3 years and finds is ok. Did suffer from restless legs before the madopar and sometimes recently also, doesnt quite sound the same as yours. Give him homeopathic causticum or rhus tox for it and that works and relieves the restless legs. Neuro would not like this, but am of opinion that small short term homeopathic interventions are ok but others may not agree. Found out about the causticum from a blogg like this. Knew about the rhus tox from before. sunray
Oh this might help though, and you could ask your neuro. My h takes the dose of madopar now in smaller doses , more often, so instead of 125 , 3 times per day, takes half that dose , 6 times per day. Our neuro did this to help with hallucinations so that he gets a smaller dose of madopar but nothing gets lost because he keeps having another small dose. I wonder if you're neuro would think that approach might help sunray again
are they singular jerks or continuous spasming?if the former they are quite common. i had them a lot before taking madopar. perhaps it might not be the madopar so much as what would happen if you didn't take any at all? either way its quite unpleasant. i think they are sometimes referred to as hypnoclonic when associated with sleep. i mentioned them to my first neuro and he dismissed them as normal, but a dozen in twenty minutes isnt normal. good luck with your one.
Thanks to turnip and sunray. It's comforting to know someone knows what I'm talking about. Can't get an appt until end january and nurse has left. If either of you lives in the North West, do you recommend a particular neurologist?
Cheers to you both and Happy New Year!
ps are you on slow release madopar at night?if not might want to ask if its appropriate.