Does anyone out there take more than four Madopar a day? I have a long working day and was told to take Madopar at 0500, 0900, 1300 and 1700 but am now not sleeping. Thanks



Do you mean more than 4 x 62.5 or 4 times a day?.

I Take 15 x 62.5 split into 4 daily doses with entacapone too run alongside for the day  + 1 125 madopar slow release over night.




  I was diagnosed  4 years ago at the age of 70,I started on 3 madopar  x 62 5,I now take 4 doses of 187.5 (4 of125 and 4 of 62 5) and also 2 slow release of 125 and also a neuropatch of 4mg, this was started fairly recently as I was on 5doses of madopar and the consultant  thought it was too high .Also take a 50 dispersible madopar  first thing in the morning 

Cheers Anne 


6X125 per day plus Requip XL 8mg