Does anyone out there take more than four Madopar a day? I have a long working day and was told to take Madopar at 0500, 0900, 1300 and 1700 but am now not sleeping. Thanks


Do you mean more than 4 x 62.5 or 4 times a day?.

I Take 15 x 62.5 split into 4 daily doses with entacapone too run alongside for the day  + 1 125 madopar slow release over night.


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  I was diagnosed  4 years ago at the age of 70,I started on 3 madopar  x 62 5,I now take 4 doses of 187.5 (4 of125 and 4 of 62 5) and also 2 slow release of 125 and also a neuropatch of 4mg, this was started fairly recently as I was on 5doses of madopar and the consultant  thought it was too high .Also take a 50 dispersible madopar  first thing in the morning 

Cheers Anne 

6X125 per day plus Requip XL 8mg


I was diagnosed in 2017 am presently taking madopa 25/100 at 0800,1100,1400,1700,2000 Plus Opicapone 50mg at 2100 plus half sinemet CR25/100 at 2230 and 0300.
Problem when taking 1100,1400,1700 there seems to be a reaction of tremors hot flush etc a meltdown ! Either need more ? or less

I was given ropinirole 2mg to be taken once a day for dysytonia
I took one yesterday and felt awful so lethargic I had difficulty moving and kept falling asleep all day
And felt quite panicky at times
Has anyone had problems with this drug ?

That has changed a little, times now 0700/1100/1500/1900/ plus Opicapone at 2100 plus half sinemet at 2230 as and when 1x madopa 25/100 at 0300
Still having problems at change over with simiular reactions. Is the dosage too much ?
I would value thoughts

Hubby takes 6 madopar per day plus 25 or 50 before he gets going in the morning. He is currently being weaned off ropinirole due to hallucinations and is really finding it hard. Hopefully when ropinirole is out of his system he will be offered something else so he can get his condition under control but it will take about 6 weeks to clear the ropinirole

I take 5 x 250mg per day, I also have a DBS fitted.